Too Tall Too Close Too Loud


This website has been prepared for you by residents of the farming, business, scientific, and professional communities of the Great Lakes Bay Area who believe wind energy is not the best choice for the area.

There’s no doubt energy production is critical, however, the cost of wind energy, the limited amount of energy that wind turbines produce, the short lifespan of turbines, and the burden to small communities from a visual, health, safety, and noise perspective, is not worth the limited production of energy being offered.

In addition, energy companies pay a select few large landowners to locate wind turbines on their property. But others closest to the turbines and whose property may abut a turbine get no benefit.

In short, there is nothing like establishing wind farms to divide small communities.

Please review our site and think carefully about how siting wind turbines in your small community will impact you, your friends, and your family.

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