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There’s no doubt energy production is critical, however, the cost of wind energy, the limited amount of energy that wind turbines produce, the short lifespan of turbines, and the burden to small communities from a visual, health, safety, and noise perspective, is not worth the limited production of energy being offered.

In addition, energy companies pay a select few large landowners to locate wind turbines on their property. But others closest to the turbines and whose property may abut a turbine get no benefit.

In short, there is nothing like establishing wind farms to divide small communities.

Thank you for visiting this website and educating yourself about the concerns surrounding turbines.

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Lorie Kohn · March 23, 2018 at 1:06 am

These industrial wind turbines do not belong in residential areas.
Township Officials were elected to protect the health, welfare and safety of ALL residents. They do not produce sustainable energy.

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