Don’t be fooled by claims that wind turbines create a reliable source of energy without impacting your community. Did you know:

Wind turbines adversely affect the health of people living nearby

People living near wind turbines frequently report significant discomfort from the light reflections and flickers as the blades rotate. The wind turbines also generate noise and vibrations, which many people cannot tolerate. The red lights that warn aircraft of the wind turbines shine day and night. People living near turbines report migraines, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.

Advocates suggest installing blackout shades, but the problem exists day and night, so you would have to keep the shades pulled 24 hours a day. The blackout shades do nothing to stop the noise and vibrations.

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Wind turbines cost your community dollars and jobs.

Large energy companies pay fees for using the lands where wind turbines are installed. Advocates argue that the subsidies are good for the community.

However, the subsidies generally benefit only the property owner where the wind turbines are installed. Nearby homeowners often see significant declines in home and property values up to 45%. Many turbines are built overseas. About 70% of the cost of a wind turbine is tied up in building them, so most of the jobs created are not American.

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Wind turbines provide only intermittent service.

Wind turbines only operate when there is wind, which makes power generation only intermittent at best. Because they operate this way, we are still reliant on other energy sources, including fossil fuels.

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Wind energy is not the best choice for the Great Lakes Bay Region.