Don’t be fooled by claims that wind turbines create a reliable source of energy without adversely affecting nature.  Did you know:

Wind turbines kill birds and attract predators

Advocates will tell you that wind turbines harness natural forces to produce energy without polluting or otherwise negatively affecting the environment.

But, according to the American Bird Conservancy, wind turbines will kill as many as 1.4 million birds each year by 2030. Bats also are slaughtered when they fly into the blades. The carcasses of those birds and bats will attract scavengers including coyotes and fox.

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Wind turbines destroy our enjoyment of wide-open country landscapes

When you think of a wind turbine, you probably imagine a quaint and colorful wooden structure. But what the power companies actually install is similar to a stark, white household fan. The most widely-used turbine is made up of  116-foot blades atop a 212-foot pole. The entire structure towers 328 feet above the ground.

In studies about the effect of wind turbines on property values, experts cite that people feel the structures destroy the view. The turbines are noisy and cause light flicker, disrupting the peace and quiet that people seek when moving to rural areas.

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Wind energy is not the best choice for the Great Lakes Bay Region.

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