Don’t be fooled by claims that wind turbines create a reliable source of energy without adversely affecting property values. Did you know:

The appearance of wind turbines reduces property values for miles

Advocates will tout that property owners are paid to host the turbines, so it provides immediate value. But the turbines actually reduce property values for at least a half-mile radius. Even vacant residential land is reduced in value by 19% to 40% when wind turbines are near.

The property closest to the turbines is the most affected, with 70% of people reporting a negative view of property within 600 feet of a turbine. About half of the people surveyed said they would view a property negatively if it was within 1,000 feet of a turbine.

The same survey showed that 83% of people view a property negatively if turbines are in the front yard of a home on between 1 and 5 acres. If the turbine is in the backyard of a home on the same size piece of land, 71% view it as a negative factor.

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Families don’t want to live near wind turbines.

Advocates will cite studies that say turbines do not affect property values. But would you buy a home overlooking a field of turbines? The key to real estate value is perception. If potential buyers perceive that they will enjoy the home, the value rises. This is why homes that are supposedly haunted often drop in value. Numerous studies back up the common sense notion that home buyers consider the view and the neighborhood when choosing a home.

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Wind turbines destroy farmland.

Farmers plant crops around the base of turbines, so it appears that there is no loss of land.

However, the large, heavy machinery required to install and support wind turbines compacts the soil until it can’t support crops. Large drains also are needed near the wind turbines, taking an even bigger bite out of the farmland that’s available for growing food.

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Wind energy is not the best choice for the Great Lakes Bay Region.


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