How Beaver Township Residents Protected Their Homes From the Wind Turbine Threat

In the winter and spring of 2018, a large, Detroit-based utility company tried to place wind turbines near homes and businesses in rural Beaver Township. 

Township residents did their homework and learned that people living near turbines in other communities had reported the negative impact the machines had on their health, safety, and welfare. Residents uncovered significant evidence showing that wind turbines are an unhealthy and unwise choice for this part of Michigan. 

During two public hearings in April and May, Beaver Township residents stood up to the Detroit company and voiced their concerns about turbines. The township board listened and the final ordinance ensured that any turbines in Beaver Township will be located a substantial distance from homes.

Click here for an example of a successful ordinance. Beaver Township in Bay County, Michigan, passed this ordinance in May 2018. It was reviewed by the township’s experienced legal counsel before approval. Several residents also contracted attorneys to review the document.

However, the threat isn’t over. The Detroit companies still want to locate turbines near homes in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  What worked in Beaver Township can work in your community.

Here are the key steps that worked:
  • Do your homework. Review the news section of this website to learn about the very real dangers wind turbines create. Follow our Facebook page for additional information.
  • Request a yard sign to show your support for this important issue. You can visit our Facebook page or the Contact Us page to request your yard sign.
  • Contact your elected officials to voice your concerns. You’ll find contact information on under the Get Involved tab on our home page.
  • Speak out at public hearings. Watch for information on your township’s website to know when hearings are scheduled. You’ll find links to the township websites under the Get Involved tab.

Get informed and involved to empower yourself to stop this threat to our community.  A well-informed wind energy populace is the wind industry’s greatest fear. 


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