You Can Stop This Threat to Our Communities

In 1996, the first commercial wind turbine in Michigan was installed in Traverse City. A little over a decade later, in 2007, the Harvest Wind Farm opened in Pigeon with 32 turbines. During their brief time in our state, these turbines have generated huge controversy within rural, farming communities, pitting neighbor against neighbor as the full impact of these behemoths becomes apparent.

Families living near turbines have been known to report migraines, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. Established wind farms have disrupted well water supplies. Well owners report visible dirt in drinking water from wells near the massive turbines. Turbines also have been known to reduce property values for at least a half-mile radius. Even vacant residential land can be reduced in value by 19% to 40% when wind turbines are near.

If big utility companies get their way, wind turbines soon will tower over Bay County homes and businesses. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In April 2018, Beaver Township residents turned out at a public hearing to encourage the township to approve an ordinance that forces turbines out of heavily-populated areas.

Since then, energy companies have turned their attention to other rural communities in this area. To stop these turbines from endangering the health, safety, and welfare of your community, you must contact your representatives today. Explore this website to learn what makes wind energy the wrong choice for this area. Then, call your representatives today to ask that they support ordinances that keep the turbines away from homes where families live and play.


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